3 Dice Ceno, More To Gain


3 Dice Ceno, the Washington D.C born, Miami raised, artist was always inspired by people of color who voiced their opinion. He uses his voice to paint a picture easily within 16 bars talking about life based on his own struggles and his feelings towards what he’s seen and lost. One day he will rise from the controversy only to become the controversial artist speaking what needs to be said in terms of subject matter that needs to be spoke instead of the same car, cribs, and fast women. He’s no different from any other man dealing with life’s problems, but with more to gain from his loses. He’s out to do the same in the DMV with no fear of any competition, in and outside of his music and life.

The name 3 Dice Ceno carries many meanings. Dice means: (D)dangerously (I) imbalanced (C) cording to (E) his environment. And Ceno was a name given to him by a close friend, like the many names he goes by such as Black Jezuz and Mr. Joe Black which will be explained the further he goes through his journey. He’s the last of what an artist is. What he speaks are poems.

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