2Four, Against The Grain


Born and raised in America’s music capital, Nasville, TN, De’Andre Davis’, 2Four, love of music started in infancy. He honed his skills as a writer and developed his ear for a multitude of genres throughout his early childhood. While away at Bethel University on a football scholarship his growing obsession to express his ideas through music lead him to move back home after freshman year to make music his main focus. He christened himself 2Four in reference to the amount of hours spent perfecting his craft. Being a rapper in Nashville has had its obstacles; however, 2Four doesn’t see it that way. In an interview with Middle TN Music he explains, “This will always be the home of country but it’s growing to become a lot more.”

Inspired by and often compared to Lupe Fiasco, Ludacris, Travis McCoy, and B.O.B., 2Four is motivated by exploration, enrichment, and creativity. Writing every day and developing his stage presence through endless rehearsals and live performances, and backed by Juggernaut Entertainment, he has been building a solid foundation on which he plans to build an empire. His first single, “Lamborghini Dreamin’,” was released in 2011 followed by his first live performance at Nashville’s acclaimed BB King’s. To date 2Four has released “Long Hair Don’t Care — The EP” (2012), an appetizer of lyrical skill; “Fast Lane in October” (2013), a mixtape compilation showcasing the evolution of his work; “Intergalactic” (2014), an electro-hop EP; and his most current release “24” is a mixtape compilation that showcases his versatility and variety of styles.

2Four is aware that the road to success is not flat; it can be cut short if one is not open to change and growth. Fans and music critics alike have recognized and echoed the same beliefs he has had in his own talents and have continued to support his efforts over the years. Soundcloud summarizes it best in its review of his most recent release, “Live It Up:” “So what can you expect from a musician so against the grain [of] his music city’s fame? Simple answer: You can expect something against the grain… Stay creative, stay curious, and keep us posted.”

Official website: www.thereal2four.net
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/the-real-2four


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