13PM, Discovering New Sounds


If this life is an experimental phase, then 13PM is using the scientific method to discover new sounds. With a wide range of influence, he creates a wide variety of sounds which in turn dance with each other in a dance that could easily be seen as impossible. Ska, Folk, Hip Hop, Video Games, and Jazz all take part in this blend that 13PM creates in his home studio in Somerville, MA.

Check out the time mix project on his BandCamp where he documents his studies and practices in a 13 part mix where each part represents an hour and contains 8 original tracks to mark and observe his progression through his journey. The project is a statement on how musical influence and preference can change overnight and how ones musical abilities on the other hand take much more time. 13PM is a Hip Hop alias for Brendan PM, a local songwriter/producer to the Greater Boston Area.

Official website: brendanpm.bandcamp.com

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