Zone Zone: It’s Important What’s Said In Music


From rhyme, rhythm, and real reason, Zone Zone’s made a dent in today’s music and entertainment world. The dedication’s no less than the best and putting in the effort to make it to the majors won’t be a surprise in this case. Don’t forget that when you hear Zone Zone on the airwaves nationally or even internationally that we predicted the success.

The Omaha, NE native is an American hip hop artist who loves music and would like to see music grow to help independent artists make more money. “The things that I love about music is how it relates to people to help them get through problems. Music therapy. That’s why I think what we say is important for the people,” Zone Zone explains when asked about how music can be used outside of monetary gains.

With key features and a music video that’s continually gaining views, Zone Zone has much to be proud of in his developing career. He doesn’t like to discuss much about his upcoming projects because we wants to keep them under wraps. “Things never go as planned. People steal, copy, or try to do things to hurt your progress for their own personal gain,” he adds. His goal is to do much more for the fans out there. He’s expected to roll out merch for all the fans.

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