ZK, Press Play & Step Into My Life

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ZK was born in Russia and at the age of four his mother met his eventual step father in America where they married a few months later. ZK left their friends and family to start a fresh new life. He’s always had a passion for music and started with traditional rock and slowly developed in hip hop. At the age of 18 he left home moving across the country to different cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Georgia, and a few others. Eventually he resided in Houston, Texas where he started his own business.

With hundreds of verses and songs pre-written in his head, ZK could never find the right studio to record in. On New Year’s Day of 2015 he met a man named Niqoloss who had been a recording artist for a sum of 12 years. The two instantly connected and he finally had the opportunity to get his music on mp3.

ZK’s main goal was to be able to make songs that people can connect with. He wants people to be able to press play and step into his life and experiences. Each song ZK has created continues to change, so does his life and the way he sees the world around him.

Instagram: @officialzkmusic
Facebook: @zhenya.lofland


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