Zavaladraga Rich, A Freemason & Political Junkie

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Zavaladraga Rich is an artist with a different style when compared to most artists that are in the game today. He’s Freemason, political junkie, and that’s what separates him from his competition. He’s been told that he has a Jay-Z feel type of music and if true, he will surely be an impact on the hip hop community.

Forced to be in the streets to support his habit for music and his family, Zavaladraga does everything he can to make his music standout with his lyrics and the topics he talks about. Very close to religion and conspiracy, he will have you on your toes.

Zavaladraga is surely something that doesn’t come around that often. His music separates him from the typical music in today’s hip hop community. He also has a twist of gangster rap as well. “I don’t wanna lose the crowd either,” he explain about his style.

Instagram: @Godofthesouth33
Twitter: @Godofthesouth33


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