Zangba, Do Right Do Good


Named after a war chief from the Bassa African tribe and carrying the meaning the heart of the soul, Zangba Thomson was born within the Grebo African tribe in a small iron ore mining community called Bong Mines located in Bong County, Liberia. He however didn’t call Liberia home for long as he migrated to the United States at the age of 8 and his habit of always watching and learning helped him adapt to his new environment. Like a sponge he soaked up the raw essence of life in Jamaica Queens, New York. It was within this concrete jungle that introduced Zangba into fashion and music. The solidifying experience that engrained Hip Hop in his heart was Boogie Down Productions’ My Philosophy music video and instantly KRS-One became the first emcee to admire.

Zangba recorded his first demo tape at Public Enemy recording studios in Hempstead, Long Island and went onto form the trio Due Face (2 face in Italian) with childhood friends Guerilla Maine and Boo Harv. With many connections waiting to be made in the streets on NYC, he met Large Professor who introduced Nas to the world. Large took a liking to his determination and provided him a few beats to rap to. The outcome was a song recorded to They’re Scared To Run up On Me that became an underground cult classic. With the respect of Large in hand, Zangba was invited to record a verse for the song Straight Rhymes for Large’s First Class album. Although his verse was dope, the song didn’t make the album leaving Zangba right back where he started.

Suddenly the stars began to align for Zangba who by chance was led to a meeting with Boo Boo, 50 Cent, where the acclaimed rapper opined on Guerilla Maine and Zangba’s song. A few months later 50 Cent was involved in a shooting diminishing any working relationship. With head held high he recorded Three Black Boys that became an underground hit and eventually became Three Black Boys: The Authorized Version, a short story book selling over 1,500 copies in its first week. The following year, Zangba expanded his brand by co-writing Do Right Do Good with marketing guru Jean Alerte. In 2015 Jean and Zangba, along with 6 other co-authors, released the urban bestselling relationship guidebook Single Man, Married Man which brought together eight men from eight different worlds as they answer questions and share their unique insights about love and marriage.

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