Zachery Le’on, Serenity


Zachery Le’on is a 25 year old emcee born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana who is re-releasing his album Thr33ps under Strong Roots Records. The features song from the project, “Serenity,” is  produced by AF Supreme, a beat maker from the United Kingdom that received deserved attention for his production on Dizzy Wright’s track “Kill ’em With Kindness” back in 2009. The beat has a seething atmospheric vocal sample over gritty drums with smooth-complimentary keys.

With his lyrics Le’on delivers consciousness with street knowledge as he reminisces back to his earlier years growing up in Indianapolis. He speaks on being a father and how he hopes to be a part of his daughter’s life always.

Le’on expresses his thanks for his blessings (most of all his life) to the creator while urging his city to live peacefully and awaken from the bad dream associated with a lack of self-knowledge.

Facebook: @Zachery-Leon
Soundcloud: @zachery-le-on


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