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Born on August 1st, 1996 was a kid who would never have thought he would make it this far as a hip hop individual. Y.Z. always had a good background and a couple of friends, but had to overcome his shyness. He started music at the age of 14 just for fun. Music has always been around him and his family. He actually related to an artist named Speech Thomas who has a group called Arrested Development.

For Y.Z.’s 15th birthday his parents bought him a MacBook laptop and that opened up so many doors for him. Late nights on YouTube and countless hours after school changed him into the artist he’s today. He started DoubleTT a couple of years ago by just putting together a group of friends that had a dream similar to his. It took a couple of years to establish everyone’s roles and strengths, but they got it and are still working this day. His current projects include the EP GameTime that he’s been putting his all into and the first single of the year DoubleTT put out on Valentine’s Day was “Too Much.”

Growing up Y.Z. wanted to do a lot of things as a profession, but he figured as an artist he could make all that happen with the right connections and hard work. What makes him different from other artists is that he’s into everything. From writing music to producing it to writing up music videos to acting and even deejaying. His main goal in music or even life is to give his family, his team, and people less fortunate than himself the life they always imagined.

Facebook: @Yung zay
Instagram: @Therealyz
Twitter: @Therealyz
YouTube: @Yung Zayy

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