YuYakYak, Orbit


United Kingdom rap collective duo, YuYakYak, is comprised of London’s Franko and Birmingham’s Vurbum. Together they have worked for about 9 years on and off and decided to create the joint project named YuYakYak in 2015 with the main aim of being the creation of music for the internet. What they mean by that is to create something that is universal, has a positive message, and can bring people together. They refuse to be held within a box, and you may see them venturing to other genres in the future.

Most recently their video has been advertised and sponsored by Link Up TV and their previous work has been aired on regions al stations and BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. YuYakYak has the ability to create music that people love and like to listen to. It’s that special skillset that’s making ears gravitate to their music.

Their EP titled Orbit is one click away and this very March the video for “Cards” with go into production. YuYakYak is currently working on a trailer album and EP’s with Black Wire Music to get more of a rock vibe. They’re also working on a EDM trap project with Simeon NVP. They want to positively influence and change the world around them one song and one gig at a time.

Soundcloud: yuyakyak

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