Yung Soulsa, Hood Militant Entertainment


Donald Lipscomb, Yung Soulsa, was born in San Francisco, California. His mother moved him across the country at a young age to Body Camp/Bedford, VA. Living in VA he grew up struggling but learned to take the bad with the good and overcome the odds. In 2002 his father passed away and there came the beginning of Yung Soulsa. He inherited some money and began to pursue his musical aspirations. He started out forming G.O.L.D Entertainment with his friend Rayshawn “NKB420” Norman and eventually started his own imprint called Hood Militant Records which he has now changed to Hood Militant Entertainment to have an umbrella in which to release his material.

He is still in his building phase and is currently looking for management and performance opportunities. There is no doubt that he will be a staple in today’s hip-hop scene and only needs that one shot to prove it.

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