Yung Pacino, The Road Of Opportunity


Certified, determined, and street-smart is Douglas McKenna, Yung Pacino; a visionary based out of Los Angeles with the mindset to exploit what was once called the music industry. Influenced by the fast life of Los Angeles, he took the wild drive of obtaining success and recognition at an early age. A young hustler in disguise, Yung Pacino took a reflection of the successful movie “Scarface” and applied it to himself: making money, meeting the supply and demands of selling and dealing. Not truly understanding the consequences of his actions, the direction of the fast life came to a sudden halt.

Emotions, frustration, and anger allowed him to connect to his hidden talent of music that was inherited from his uncle, the legendary Jelly Roll Morton (famous jazz musician). Understanding that the genre of their music is different, but never the less knowing it’s the same art of expressing his feelings. Utilizing his craft of the drug world, he replaced the narcotics with dominating hooks and formulated verses – yet still meeting the street’s demand. His music signifies the trials and tribulations of his journey of life.

The street has rapidly accepted his diverse-intense flows and stage presence. All the work and advice has positioned him to become an industry icon. Knowing that success comes with many sacrifices and great responsibilities, Yung Pacino’s ultimate goal is to establish a road of opportunity for those who understand life; whether it’s music or any passion of heart’s desire.

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