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Yung Jinx is a Hip-hop/rap artist born and raised in Compton, CA. He began his music career at the age of 13 alongside his close relatives Dnyc3, who produced the song “Faded” by Tyga and Lil Wayne, and Flamez. In the early days, they began recording on a computer mic and rapping over industry instrumentals just for fun while Dnyc3 and Flamez learned how to make beats. The thought of actually making it big hit home when Jinx got his first manager at 16. He got the chance to meet Young Money artist Tyga in 2003, as they both attended Gardena High school in Gardena, CA. They became close and had a lot in common based on the fact they both did music. Being around Tyga at that time in his life helped him become more serious with music because he was around people who were serious just like he was. Every since then jinx has done countless shows and recorded hundreds of songs and has made a very solid name for himself in the streets of Southern California. for 12 years Jinx has been Underground and Under appreciated when it comes to music but has not stopped striving since he began.

On September 23rd 2014, Jinx will be dropping his third project in the last year titled “O.M.W.” (On My Way). His first mixtape “The WeekEnd”, which had 2 features from AB-SOUL, and a collab with singing sensation TEEFLII and RJ from PUSHAZ INK, was released on July 5th, 2013. Earlier this year he dropped a mixtape called “The Gift” that was released on his birthday March 16th. Since appearing on Soul’s new album, Jinx decided to give his true supporters some new music “O.M.W.” before he begins to work on “The WeekEnd 2” which is set to drop late 2014 Or early 2015.

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Yung Jinx – Lean and a Molly

Yung Jinx – Westcoast

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