Yung Dullah, Balancing My Life


Coming straight outta the slums of West Trenton, NJ, Yung Dullah has seen a lot in his 27 years of life. It’s a cold world out there and he realized at an early age that nobody was going to give him anything in life. In his own words he said, “I hustle, go to school, and hit the studio all while balancing out everyday life in the hood.”

On May 1, 2014 Dullah inked his first digital distribution agreement with Premier Entertainment Group, a sub-label for eONE Music. He has performed at shows in NY, Philadelphia, and his home state of New Jersey. As a multi-talented singer and rapper he writes all of his own material ranging from classic R&B to gritty Hip Hop. Yung Dullah shows very promising talent and authenticity. With a proper production budget he will be a big hit maker and a money maker for any label.

Phone: 609-784-5369

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