Yung Dre, Vibe With Us

yung dre photo

Yung Dre is a 19 year old rapper from Seattle, Washington who is ready to see the world. He originally started making music out of boredom and in the 6th grade got his first electric guitar becoming a good lead guitar player after 2 years. As he grew older he found his way into rapping and started to drift away from guitar playing. I wasn’t until high school that he dropped his first body of work and sold the CDs for a dollar on campus. For him, the feeling was fulfilling knowing people would actually pay for his work.

Over the span of his high school years Yung Dre created 2 CDs that weren’t serious works. Now as a college student he’s determined to make a mixtape that will showcase to the people his growth and determination to be successful. The listeners will be able to see how much work and dedication he’s put into the project.

The project is titled Vibe With Us and it’s going to be something that people will be able to relate to. It’ll have great production and quality. Yung Dre is also looking to make a brand out of himself with merchandise.

Twitter: @YungDreMusic


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