Yung Double, Bout That Life


“It’s the same old struggle trying to get money. So when you get money, ain’t shit funny” are the words that Marcus Crooms, Yung Double lives by. What happens when the tribulations of life seem to dictate and conquer your triumphs? There’s only so much that a person can take before they’re overwhelmed with turmoil and long for the desire to have peace and tranquility. It is at this crossroads where there are only two ways to go: one way leads to failure and one way to success. However, no matter which route you choose, there will always be many lessons to learn. For Yung Double, while on the road to failure, he found a shortcut to those successes.

The streets can teach hard lessons and don’t favor anyone. Yung Double quickly learned this,and as a result prison was like his second home. Being raised solely by his mother, it was difficult for him to decipher his rights from his wrongs – it left the feeling of emptiness that could only be filled with fast money. This yearning quickly began the destruction of his integrity. After going to prison three times, he decided to be more constructive and turned to his love for music. “My kids, my family’s future, my friends, and my city motivate me to record music” he admits. Since his declaration, he hasn’t turned back since and this is where Yung Double was birthed.

You can get a clear depiction of Yung Double’s real-life tales from the hood through his music. His determination to not become a statistic gave him favor and he was able to open for a few of today’s most prominent Hip Hop artists. His newly released single, Scale, off his album Bout That Life, featuring Gucci Mane has the streets on blaze. With having the short-term goal of obtaining a record deal, at the pace he’s going, he’ll reach his long-term goal of having multi-platinum selling artists on his own independent label.

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