Yung Citizen, Poignant Messages


As a new artist on the music scene, Yung Citizen blends his own interpretations of Hip Hop and R&B/Pop to create original music that if given the opportunity will reach deep into your inner spirit and move you to a sublime consciousness to believe in oneself and always pursue your dreams. Yung Citizen’s music is different from most that you hear today in the world of Hip Hop. Some of his musical influences have been Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Ryan Leslie, and Pharrell Williams. While still in high school he remembers listening to N.E.R.D. and being so inspired by both Pharrell and Chad Hugo. Yung Citizen finds himself wanting to travel in those same footsteps and blaze a trail and sound that could become the new normal.

Forever on the social conscious tip, Yung Citizen released his latest single “Power People” which is aggressively relevant and speaks to the insanity going on in the world today. It also encourages and empowers people of every persuasion and ethnicity to take back control of their life’s journey and achieve their dreams and destiny. With this track Yung Citizen’s music and lyrics stayed true to his mantra to address real world issues that face our communities and challenge all of us to take ownership to work toward positive solutions.

Yung Citizen is working on new music to accompany “Power People” in an upcoming EP to be released in April/May. Word has it the video for “Power People” will be in that release as well. Citizen is committed to creating music that is timeless, uplifting, and provides the foundation for individual empowerment. Again, the artist responsible for this wonderful music is Yung Citizen, a new artist whose music comprises his love of Hip Hop along with infusions of R&B/Pop to deliver smooth melodic creations accompanied by a poignant and uplifting message.

Official website:
Citizenship Management Group: or 704-578-0774

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