Yung Chase, Taking It To Another Level


Yung Chase, born Joe Jackson, is an upcoming artist from San Antonio, Texas. Being raised in a city that is making its own way into the music scene, Hip-Hop was something the artist fell in love with instantaneously. “I’ve known this is something I have wanted for a long time. I have the passion. I have the experience. All I need is the opportunity,” Yung Chase revealed in a 2013 interview.

Joe Jackson’s musical interest began in the early 90’s. He has early memories of listening to his father’s records of influential artists such as Run DMC, The Jackson 5, and New Edition. It was not until Dr. Dre’s notorious album, The Chronic, dropped in 1992, that the soon to be “Yung Chase” realized that musical artistry was his calling.

During high school Yung Chase was a local talent, performing in backyard parties and functions. Although he enjoyed the buzz he caught at school and even continued performing there after graduation, he knew he needed to branch out and take bigger steps toward his dream.

In 2004, he joined a local label by the name of Late Nite Rekordz, run by San Antonio artist, Pawly C. In 2005 the group, formerly known as Awnightaz, released We Got Next, Yung Chase’s first group studio album. In 2006, a young artist by the name of Mike B won Best New Artist at the Latin Hip Hop awards for his album “Million Dollar Baby,” in which all tracks were co-written by Yung Chase and Pawly C.

Shortly after, the group split due to artistic differences. Upon meeting and discussing future plans with Dallas Artist, Big Tech, Yung Chase decided to join his label Scratch and Spin Productions and released the Only in Texas mixtape in 2007. Chase really began to evolve into his own artist during this time and has since released 2 solo mixtapes: Yung Chase (self titled) and Loved by Few Hated by Many.

In addition to the albums he has released, Yung Chase has had the opportunity to open for some amazing artists, both past and present. These artists include: Ja Rule, Chingo Bling, Ghost Face Killa from Wu Tang Clan, Chyna White, Sheek Louch from D Block, Big Gemini, Webbie and Paul Wall. He also performed at the Coast to Coast Mixer at the House of Blues in Dallas in December of 2012!

He is currently working on a solo album that is guaranteed to take his already outstanding career to another level.

Learn more about Yung Chase on his Official Artist Website.

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