Young Shamu, Tricks Up My Sleeve


Real name: Shaheed Tabronx Dalphe
DOB: March 5 1993
Hometown: Miami Florida

I started freestyling at the age of 14 with my homie Danny who is now Flowthagreat, who was at the time three years older than me. It was then that he told me I had the energy and potential to be a good rapper. Around that time I was playing optimist football and since I had hurt myself one day in practice I figured I had to find an alternative hobby that I would put forth the same effort into; that hobby music.

I started taking it seriously around 16 when I decided to drop my first mixtape, “16.” It was going to serve as my very own replica of “No Ceilings” by Lil Wayne which was out at the time. Weezy is one of my favorite rappers and he truly is one of the main reasons I rap today.

My mini inspirations and influences are abundant. I keep an open mind and listen to all music; from bands like The Strokes to folk artists like Joanna Newsom to acid rap type hip hop artists like MF Doom and Aesop rock to luxury rap type shit like Jay Z and Kanye West to even ratchet shit like Chief Keef and Waka Flocka. I also used to take time back then to study greats like Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Big L, Jay Z – and the list can go on.

I never got to release “16” though, the only copy I ever made was stolen and the laptop that the session files were saved onto was sold. At the age of 18 I caught a couple charges that were felonies and I thought at that moment in time my life was over. The dream of becoming a rapper was deferred until I decided one day to pick a pencil and paper up in my cell to see if I still got it, and fortunately I did!

Not only did I still have it, but my bars were a whole lot more structured and my thoughts were less cloudy because back in the outs I was wildin’ out on the typical teenage vibe time, like a million. So you do the math. I sat for two years in the county writing day in and day out. I was released May 13, 2013 and the next month I was set to move to Savannah, Georgia to live with my aunt for a change.

I went up there and got my first job which was dope, but turned out the country wasn’t my vibe and I felt I was running away from something in Miami. I came back and said, “Fuck that, I’m chasing my dream here in the city I come from and I’m going to do it the right way.”

I’m now in school at Miami Dade College for music business creative production because I want to invest all my time into the hobby I’d love to make a career out of it. I’m now 21 with a mixtape and a video out in less than a year and with plenty more tricks up my sleeve so to speak. This is only the beginning.

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