Young Retro, Goal To Be The Best


Born in Los Angeles, California Young Retro’s passion for music started at the age of eight. He began rapping at community events, talent shows, parks and recreation, social gathers, and with groups of friends. “My older brother Michael inspired me to pursue my dreams in music in the early 2000’s and to ever give up. We grew up listening to Notorious B.I.G, and enjoyed how smooth he sounded while rapping,” explained Young Retro.

By age fourteen, Young Retro entered High School where he was well known for performing at assemblies and talent shows. He also performed at neighborhood parties and at local neighborhood showcases. Today, he’s new, he’s hot, he’s fresh, and his goal is to be the best.

Young Retro has become an all around entertainer. He is currently expanding his career, moving into acting, modeling, and film & music video directing. Aside from music, Young Retro is studying Business Management at Humboldt State University with an ultimate goal to create his own record label.

Learn more about Young Retro on his Official Artist Website.

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