Young Cam Da Don, I’m Just Gettin’ Warmed Up


Cameron Brooks, born November 25, 1991, better known as Young Cam Da Don is an American rapper, actor, songwriter, and dancer. Born and raised in Topeka, Kansas in a middle class family household, he began to develop his craft in middle school and it persisted into high school where he started to record on a professional level releasing songs on Myspace. His name and music began to grow when he attended an event known as Juneteenth. The aspiring artist was determined to make an excellent performance. After doing so, his performance earned him a 1st place trophy for best rapper.

During his senior year, Cam dropped a mixtape called Beast Mode: The Preview and after graduating Highland Park High School he dropped I’m Just Gettin’ Warmed Up Vol. 1. Around 2011, 19 year old Cam dropped another mixtape called The Best Is Yet To Come that’s considered his most improved mixtape so far. It had positive reviews and grabbed the attention from a Decatur rap group called Travis Porter that was considering signing him. They reconsidered due to musical differences.

Due to hiatus, Cam almost gave up. At age 22, he met a producer named Kajmir Royale which motivated him to get back on the grind. That motivation led him to where he is now. Today he’s working with producers such as Kajmir Royale, TwanBeatMaker, Chris Mecca, Sleepy Cobain, and K.E. On The Track. Cam is also working on a project called I’m Just Gettin’ Warmed Up Vol. 2 which is coming out in the future. He would like to thank Sleepy (close best friend), Gwyndell B. DeClerck, and Jimmy Lett for not giving up on him. Cam plans on signing a deal in the near future.

Twitter at @YoungCamDaDon
Soundcloud: @camerom-j-brooks


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