Yodi Mac, Yodi-Matic


Yodi Mac is a product of the Northwest, Sasquatch country, or as many have come to call Seattle, WA, the Emerald City. While in his music he voices perspectives regarding various social issues ranging from race and class to struggles with self-identification, he also presents himself as a soft spoken Chief-tain who chills tough and prefers the solitude of playing the background.

Yodi Mac’s the type to look away from society for inspiration and understanding. His music and visuals often turn to nature, specifically native to the northwest, as he tries to find meaning within a man-made society as well as the more significant physical world around us.

All that needs to be learned about Yodi Mac is from a listen of his 2015 project titled Yodi-Matic that’s available for streaming on Soundcloud. The project boasts 9 solid tracks with each accumulating more than 1K+ plays.

Official website: www.happyhuntingtalent.com/yodi-mac
Soundcloud: yodimacmusic

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