Yeah Boi Music Group, LLC., Avoiding The Music Monopoly


Yeah Boi Music Group, LLC. (YBMG) is an independent record label that originated in Camp Humphreys, South Korea among service members. Initially the music that was put together was simply for the love of music. As their following grew and the demand for their music increased they realized their talent. As time passed and duty stations changed, people were replaced or went on their own paths leaving authentic lyricist J.F.D., short for Jason “Fucking” Doxey, and his counterpart the inventive Je Hall. They’re a lyrical duo who together form the group SoJu.

The solo artists of YBMG consist of the conscious lyricist Toki Tokabona, soulful lyricist Gutta and his two artists Finesse and Young Piff. The explosive duo NuEra has recently joined the team providing a unique approach to hip hop. They are trendsetting and kicking down doors.

With occasional features from CEO Omar “Trilla” Richardson and CFO Rita Richardson and the promotion and artist development efforts of Rich Smith, a talented musician of multiple instruments, and Cheran “Shy Money” Handberry, club and music promoter, YBMG heads a strong music movement. In an effort to bring back good music and avoid the game of monopoly the entertainment business has become they bring you Yeah Boi Music Group.

Official website:
Soundcloud: @yeah-boi-music-group


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