Yah’ki, Destined For Success

Rebirth album art

Finding his love for Hip Hop at an early, Alton, Illinois born Alexander Hickman, Yah’ki (Lexus Musiq), was raised in St. Louis, Missouri and became intrigued with a career in music due to the experiences of living the daily street grind. Crafting and being educated by the foundation of music at the age of 9, this emcee embraced his career with a strong sense of being a diverse lyricist, singer, and songwriter. Yah’ki’s rage of being the man of the house at a young age became the motivation and inspiration to succeed in molding his passion into a successful musical career. Igniting the beginning of a long-term career as a lyricist, he also self-educated his brand in expanding his knowledge in music production and engineering.

Musically, Yah’ki is a creative artist constantly pushing the boundaries, breaking the bandage chain, and thinking outside the box to express his poetically infused thoughts. The essence surrounding the music for his fans is to love being who you are supposed to be and to remain unique with a solid foundation in the journey that is destined for you. He gives accolades to his mother and grandmother who provided as much as they could while growing up in St. Louis, MO. Experienced as a trained pianist since the age of 10 years old, as well as a songwriting background from the age of 13, this emcee is destined for success.

In 2014, Yah’ki geared up to release a new project entitled “The Whole Truth” in summer. The compilation is an infusion of this emcee’s musical talent as well as his passion for Hip Hop. It is a mix of fun, enjoyment, reality, realness, love, hate, and controversial Hip Hop music. Yah’ki foresees his destiny as a successful musical talent with a solid and positive foundation within the Hip Hop sector. When speaking on his future as a businessman and entrepreneur, he plans to establish a record label where talent such as him can develop, create, and release music of all genres. Most importantly, this emcee strives to provide the musical world with consistent quality music.

Official website: www.yahkimusiq.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Yahki/15142978490265
Twitter: @Yah’ki


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