XM Black, All Eyes On Black

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Before XM Black, born Brandon Gooding, took his talents to recording studios, he spent most of his time playing football for Rodgers Park as a kid and then moved on to basketball later in high school. There he showed remarkable skill in writing essays as well as poems focusing on his life as well as what was going on around him. One day there was an activity where everyone presented their poems, but this time he took a different approach and recited it as a rap. From then on he was the pushed to take rapping a little more serious by classmates and friends outside of school.

Growing up in Inglewood California XM Black lived in a gang infested area where witnessed numerous crimes being committed and experienced losing a number of close friends who chose the fast life selling drugs and participating in gang activities. These past events & incarceration childhood friends and family fuel his aggression in all of his raps. Black has come a long way from recording in the bedroom of his best friend until being offered a studio to record at by close friend and producer Marcus “9600’ Lipps.

XM Black is most known for his club bangers mixing west coast sounds that bring a new blend of old school and new school across LA. He also displays amazing versatility being able to rap over various types of beats produced by mostly up and coming Los Angeles producers such as 9600, DJ Radioaktive, DJ Official, The 9ers, DJ Swish, and LarryJayy. In the summer of 2015 XM Black will drop two new mixtapes. One entitled “All Eyes On Black” and the other still in the works produced entirely by 9600 and will have a few co-productions.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/musicbyblack
Instagram: @RideForBlack
Twitter: @RideForBlack

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