Xero Hiryu, Duality


For James Wilson, Xero Hiryu, born in Toledo, Ohio, it was difficult to get into Rap since he was more fascinated with singing and wanting to become what he saw on TV which was at that time Michael Jackson. On weekends during house clean up his mother would play Slick Rick and Digital Underground and he became fond of Slick Rick’s storytelling style and the upbeat style of Digital Underground. When James got older and began to understand what Hip Hop was he picked up Nas’ “I Am” album. As he delved deeper into Rap, he gravitated toward Eminem’s of punchlines and lyrical skills.

Prior to taking on the Xero moniker, J-man was the stage name that he used for the talent show at his school. Emcee Nino Graye came into the picture as both emcees formed a bond that stretched over a 6 year span. In 2014 James changed his name to Xero Hiryu while utilizing Jimmy J as his singing persona. “Much like how Marshal Mathers has Eminem and Slim Shady, I wanted to have a persona for both styles” he proclaimed. Upon the release of “The Experiment,” the song for Xero was “… scary introducing my singing side as I didn’t know how people would receive it …”

With the release of his first mixtape Xero hopes to change the way music is listened to while keeping Hip Hop pure for the younger generation. Whether it’s “So Seductive” or “The Hiryu Chronicles” he hopes to continue to bring great music for years to come

Facebook: www.facebook.com/xerohiryufans
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/xerohiryu

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