A Reflection Of My Perspective: Xander View Exclusive Q&A


Check out the interview with Xander View exclusively on Rude Boy Lifestyle Magazine.

RBL: What is the meaning of your name? How did you get it and what is the significance?
Xander View: My real name is Alexander Raymond Wiuff and my last name is pronounced “view” so I just decided to shorten my first name and change the spelling of my last name so people could pronounce it properly (laughs). Also, my music is a reflection of my perspective and my view of the world; so it just stuck.

Can you tell us about the music scene in your area? What is it like? How are the other artists?
Up until just a few years ago there really wasn’t a music scene. It was non-existent. One day a few cats that we refer to as the OP3 (original poetic 3) got together and formed Poetic Intelligence. They worked really hard and built a solid foundation. A few years later people just started pouring in from all over Montana trying to become a part of the movement. I remember I drove 5 hours to record my first song with our producer, Jon Barnea, because I lived in a small town hundreds of miles away. Some people never thought Montana would be on the map as far as talent, but it turns out we have a lot of original sounds coming out of these small towns.

What did your friends and family first think about your career?
(Laughs) I grew up playing guitar so right off the bat my parents were a little confused. They hadn’t heard much about Rap music and from what they had heard they weren’t super impressed. When I was about 16 years old I started rapping and I would just freestyle with friends. Right away most of them said I was onto something.

What are some of your favorite brands out right now?
My favorite band of all time is The Beatles. A close second would be The Foo Fighters. I’ve always liked how raw their records sound; the shit really rocks your socks off (laughs).

Who are your top five favorite musicians right now?
My top 5 favorites are: Eugene Martin, Prodigal, Floyd Simmons, Hemingway, and Stormy Knight. Not in that order. They are just seriously great people and very talented.

What keeps you going in this tough music economy? How has it changed you overall?
What keeps me going is knowing that somebody out there has similar struggles to what I’ve experienced and I just hope to bring them sound advice through music. My brothers at Poetic Intelligence know how to keep me motivated. When I first started performing I suffered from severe social anxiety and didn’t think I was cut out for the job. Putting myself out in the open was a game changer in the way I dealt with it every day. It really helped me.

What are some of your focuses outside of music? Do you have family or other businesses around?
I love cooking! I go to the grocery store every morning and buy fresh food, go home and look at recipes online so I can make something I’ve never made before. It’s actually really dope (laughs). Other than that every now and then I’ll go jump out of a plane or pick up a guitar. You know, the usual (laughs).

What separates you from the next artist in the business?
My knowledge and my understanding of reality separates me from all artists on this planet. So much is wrong in this entertainment lifestyle and so little is being done about it. Listen to any rapper on the radio, so much fakeness. If you’re just real these days you can get somewhere, but everyone’s too busy trying to fake everything.

What advice can you give to the other small artists that are just starting out?
Try, try, and try again. Take time to get to know yourself and stand up for what you believe in. People appreciate it if you’re real with them. And always pay your local producer really well (laughs).

Are there thoughts of signing to a major label or distributor yet?
I mean, there are always thoughts (laughs). I’ve got a few big names in the works at the moment but for now I’m just focused on Poetic Intelligence, we’re doing great as a team. I love these guys.

What do you think the future of music industry will look like?
Who knows, hopefully better than it is today. If the future holds corruption then I want no part of it. We’re better than that.

Where can we find you and connect with you? Can you tell us your social media links, etc?
I’m linked up with Soundcloud, Facebook, & Instagram. Just type in “Xander View” and you’ll see me.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/xander-view
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SherbertHandesomeman

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