Without a Trace

NoTrace is the kind of person who you would probably never notice in a room, reserved, always observing, and never has too much to say. But the minute he gets in front of the microphone, you can’t help but listen to the poetry he delivers.

With an album and a music group that he founded, it is clear that NoTrace is determined to leave a trace across the minds of his listeners every time they turn the radio on. New music is on the way scheduled for a summer release, and if the past is any indication of his prowess, the future only gets brighter for him from here.

You can listen to more at soundcloud.com/notrace3, and on YouTube at youtube.com/NoTrace3. Follow NoTrace on Twitter @NoTrace3, on Facebook at facebook.com/NoTraceFanPage, and on his website at www.NoTrace3.com.

NoTraceMake-Up Music

NoTrace No More Pain

NoTraceWho I Am featuring Ashleigh Munn

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