Within Shadows Seeks To Make Music Their Full Time Gig

From leading-edge styles and stunning stage presence, Within Shadows’ music is standing out as an entity all its own. The quality of art, music, and dedication put forth by the industrious artist is definitely making a mark and impact on the music community. It won’t be long before you hear Within Shadows’ music nationwide and internationally. Major moves are being made by this amazing talent.

The metal variety band from Harrow, Ontario, Canada plays a wide range of different genres. Founded in 2012 as a solo project by vocalist Sean Farias, Within Shadows has developed into a fully band that includes Jordan Heffernan on drums, Brad Tiessen on guitar, and Jacob Bailey on bass. As a whole they’re now playing live shows and charity gigs this year and are working hard to become a full time touring band. In November 2015 they released their debut EP titled Release the Disease and the profits made from CD sales went directly to the Harrow Food Bank as a donation from the band and their supportive friends, family, and fans.

At the end of 2016 Within Shadows released the LP Mind – Enemy that’s available on all digital distribution outlets. “Our upcoming projects and goals are to work on the next full length album over time and also play more gigs. We really want music as our full time job. We have been really trying to get our name out there and play as many gigs as we can,” they point out.

Official website: www.withinshadows.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/withinshadows

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