Wisey, Wise With Words


Brooklyn, NY  born artist Wisey’s passion for music started at the age of 8 with music influences from artists such as BIG, 2 Pac, Jay-Z, Nas, and Lauren Hill. The name Wisey came about from always being wise with words. After developing his battle rap technique in Atlanta at the age of 10, he joined a group named Dolla Fam that became well known locally and performed opening acts including one for Lil Scrappy. Relocating to north Pennsylvania, Wisey started to self promote his music and met C.O. who, along with Wisey, founded the group SOF (Survival of the Fittest).

Though Wisey ran into life obstacles relating to the law, he moved out west to Arizona to live with his mom vowing not to give up and continue his music dreams with a fresh start. Since then he has met Ken and Tego of Good 2 Go Entertainment who have pushed and motivated Wisey to another level; not just in music but in life as well. A lot of his music is based off of real life events and influences that many others feel and could use the motivation to never give up.

As an example, Wisey’s first single and video, which is on Youtube, “Bigger Picture,” gives an insight on how he came up. He has new music posted on his Reverbnation page along with a few videos from the mixtape “Back In Motion.” What Wisey brings to the table is a different original feel good style with wise words. Motivation is key to his success and the bigger picture.

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