Wise Words, Living Up To My Moniker


D.C born and Fayetteville, North Carolina raised emcee Wise Words was a late bloomer onto the hip hop scene. Though once it was discovered there was no turning back. Being a military brat took the young emcee from D.C. at a fairly early age to Germany for a short time then eventually relocating to Fayetteville where his mother and stepfather settled and eventually became the last duty station for them both. As if destiny began to spin her wheels, it also became the place a young Wise Words found his calling.

First beginning to show interest at age 14, Wise Words’ fascination for the art grew and blossomed until he regularly found himself among friends engaging in freestyle cyphers and battles all in good fun adopting the childhood moniker talent in the late 90’s with a childhood friend dubbed Lil Shakespeare. Not much longer after that phase, he began writing and adopting the east coast style of rap he was an avid admirer of. He continued to progressively challenge himself in this craft eventually leading to a name change to Chain Reaction, Chain, that simply adopted the theory of being a byproduct of his environment and his music being a reflection of such.

Later on, after discovering his love for art/music, not only in hip hop/r&b but jazz, rock, spoken word, and other various genres and channels, Wise Words began to experiment and grow. He utilizes an expanded vocabulary, witty rhymes, and historical references with clever wordplay to fill his music while being as tasteful as possible in an era of vulgarities. At this point he decided upon a final name change. The growth continued and still does to this moment. You will always hear it when he speaks and there won’t be one second where he does not live up to his moniker Wise Words.

Official website: wise910.bandcamp.com
Twitter/Instagram: @Wise910


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