What Lyrical Homicide Sounds Like

It seems like absolutely nothing can keep this artist down. From gang member to artist and ghost writer, to ending up in a wheelchair and being dropped from his label, Bamboo da Chief has single handedly proven what perserverance can do. Continuing to write even in the ICU and going through everything, he battled his way through and is working his way to the top. His music is received with much fanfare on underground radio stations and by his fans all over the country. As for his style, lyrical homicide is the perfect phrase to describe his writing as he completely murders every beat he raps on. If he is doing a show in your area, this is one artist you won’t want to miss.

Check out Bamboo da Chief’s website www.officialbamboodachief.com. You can also follow him on Facebook at facebook.com/bamboodachief, Instagram @bamboodachief, and Twitter @bamboodachief.

Bamboo da Chief – Lyrical Homicide

Bamboo da Chief – Man Down

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