Wermonster, Soulfully Psychedelic

Wermonster 02

Wermonster is an electronic musician and producer living in Berlin. After participating in numerous rock and jazz projects as a guitar and bass player, he started to create his own music in the mid-90s experimenting with computers, loops, synths, and samplers.

Originally from the north east of France, he moved to Marseille in 2004 where he got involved in the local hip-hop scene: making beats and working as sound assistant in different recording studios. After pushing his work further he decided to move his lab to Berlin in 2009. After a few EPs on various labels, his first LP “Ghosts Move Slowly,“ a blue and dusty-textured suite of electronic hip hop, was released by Exotic Pylon records in 2012 and more recently “Katalyst Sessions Vol.1” out on the Uncomfortable Beats.

Predominantly inspired by hip hop, and saturated in textures from contemporary bass music, Wermonster´s wide-screen production is soulfully psychedelic and laced with abstract textures and richly haunted atmospherics.

Learn more about Wermonster and Katalyst Sessions Vol 1 at Uncomfortable Beats.

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