Vic New, SlaughtaHouze Radio


Victor Newmann, Vic New, is not a newbie in the recording and professional music industry. From the music production and dedication to the work and music, it stands out on its own. He’s the station manager of SlaughtaHouze Radio and the producer/host of SlaughtaHouze Live. He was an independent artist/DJ on his own label, SlaughtaHouze Entertainment (2001-2009), and he left the game in 2009 for personal reasons but resurfaced in 2015 to start SlaughtaHouze Radio.

Vic’s SlaugthaHouze chopped and screwed mixtapes were extremely popular in Houston and as an artist he performed at numerous showcases in Houston and the surrounding areas. His mixtapes were sold in several record stores and internet based stores gaining him a nice sized following. Vic felt that SlaughtaHouze Entertainment didn’t reach the level of success he expected which led to conflicts within in-house producers and other artists linked with the label, ultimately the demise of SlaughtaHouze Entertainment occurred in 2009.

After a 6 year hiatus getting himself financially, emotionally, and spiritually situated, Vic started SlaughtaHouze Radio as a way to promote his own music but quickly grew into the important vessel for the unsigned-independent artist that he is today. SlaughtaHouze Live is an extension of SlaughtaHouze Radio and is quickly becoming the top rated show on the station it’s on, 90.3 GMT Radio, and is already syndicated on SlaughtaHouze Radio and NextToBlow radio. Vic is rapidly becoming the man to know in the H and will continue to push forward towards the main goal which is to make SlaughtaHouze a household name via social media and etc.

Soundcloud: vicnew

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