VERZE, The HookLess Tape


Considering himself a veteran of writing and producing for 8 years now, Omaha, NE native VERZE is the leader of a collective known as The ART (Artistically Real Team) which includes various artists and poets. Influenced by many and the unconventional, during his green years he has heavily inspired by punchline rappers such as Ludacris and Chamillionaire. As time elapsed VERZE matured and acquired a different thirst for the Hip Hop sound which landed him with Lupe Fiasco around late 2006.

From then on VERZE started exploring and going back in time doing research on this culture that he had unconsciously become a part of. The main influence now that he’s established his own sound would have to be life itself. Take the time to learn what he’s about and grow with him.

Check out VERZE’s latest and stay updated. Download “The HookLess Tape Vol. 2: Revenge of Hook.” And his 3rd studio album entitled “#OOZARU” is scheduled for late fall.

Official website:
Twitter: @BlackKakarot
Facebook: @VERZE of The ART
Instagram: @blackkakarot


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