Vaughn, Some Of The Greatest Hip Hop Heard

detail timing

Growing up Vaughn couldn’t escape music, whether it be 2pac on the way to school or Clarence Carter on Sunday nights after the Gospel morning show. He hated it all except for Busta Rhymes and Mystikal, and even received a whooping for not stopping singing Woo Hah (Got You All In Check). The song summed up everything he wanted to say and Vaughn eventually took on the persona of the crazy boy getting into trouble. As a way to combat his persona he started to read spiritual texts and repressed it until he met his mentor Yolanda, referred to as Yezus for saving his life. She helped him understand that there’s a place and time for everything and learned to embrace the crazy, but to always put his best foot forward.

Along with step brother, J.O.A., Vaughn, T.R.E. at the time, wrote their first song together only to see it thrown to the trash by his stepfather. They never wrote again, only freestyled influenced by the film Eight Mile. After receiving his GED and half his trade from the job corps, he was kicked out and he enrolled in a men’s transitional housing program where he met a group of older men who turned Vaughn onto their music. He fell in love with The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and most of all Bob Dylan. From there he became fond of The Cadillac Records roster, Mo Town, and Led Belly. Vaughn impulsively used some of his student loan money to buy a guitar and has been playing ever since.

Through a series of connections Vaughn met the infamous Al Holbrook who introduced him to the world of open mics and he perform new songs every month for a year straight. In Chicago’s open mics he met fellow friends who have helped him grow as an artist by learning new guitar techniques and receiving constructive criticism. Vaughn returned to the Rap genre after being challenged to a rap battle and receiving positive feedback. He started writing dope lyrics and composing his own beats alongside Kid Reason. His EP is slated for release around Christmas 2015 and will feature some of the greatest Hip Hop heard in a while.

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