The Unstoppable Shaliek Mendoza

Artist Shaliek Mendoza is very well known in Austin, Texas music scene. For the past three years he has performed at the South By Southwest music festival, and thats only the start of a long list of performances that include opening for artists like GZA from Wu Tang Clan, Sir Mix-a-Lot, and DJ Shadow. Not only content with only being in front of the microphone, Shaliek has also dedicated time to teaching kids to rhyme and break, the list goes on with the things he has done. Since 1996 this artist has been doing his thing and shows absolutely no sign of stopping.

You can follow Shaliek Mendoza on Twitter @swish_gang_sha and on Facebook at Check out more of his music at, and Check out an interview with him at

Shaliek Mendoza – That Body

Shaliek Mendoza – Certified

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