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Preston D. Holmes, known to the world as UnJuss the Reason, is a musician specializing in Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and Alternative Music. Born in West Covina, UnJuss started music at the early age of 15 inspiring to be a writer. He has performed in various clubs (House of Blues, Nokia Factory, BB Kings, The Cell, etc) as

an underground artist throughout his musical career searching for success in the industry to make his positive and knowledgeable music worldwide for the people. UnJuss had a career with Forsaken Records which ended when the two year contract expired. In that time he recorded and co-produced his first album, “My State of Mind,” in 2007 with singles such as “No Mercy” and “Unreal.” After finishing out his two year contract and parting ways with the label, UnJuss developed a production team known today as Radical Dreamerz, Inc. and went on to record his second and third album “My Journey” and “See No Evil, Fear No Evil.”

He graduated in 2005 and was accepted to Utah State on a sports scholarship. After leaving Utah State, UnJuss made music his number one priority with determination to be discovered. He still continued to play football for the city of Rialto. Two weeks before Preston’s 25th birthday, he welcomed a son into the world. That is when his determination and motivation excelled to higher levels. In 2015, he released an EP entitled “From Outta Nowhere” featuring single “AK-47.” The popularity of his single has spread worldwide playing on radio stations such as iHeart Radio, Spotify, Jango, iTunes, etc. There is so much more greatness to come from UnJuss and his camp Radical Dreamerz.

Official website: www.unjuss.com
Soundcloud link: www.soundcloud.com/un-juss

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