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UNIQUE IMAGE (UI) is a self-made R&B group formed in 2002 on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi. Originally a quartet, UI, made a name for themselves by singing around campus and surrounding cities. As their popularity grew so did their hunger for success and eventually realized the chance of living their dreams was possible. As years passed, UI was blessed enough to have performed all over the United States on some of the nation’s most coveted stages. The group’s most memorable performances were at the legendary Apollo Theater, on BET’s 106 and Park, and singing the National Anthem at the National Basketball Association’s Los Angeles Laker game.

In 2008, the group was signed to Big Gates Records, a record company based out of Southern Florida. It was mutually decided after two years to terminate the contract due to irreconcilable differences. After dealing with the adversities of the record deal and the disbanding of two of the group members, the remaining two members, W. Michael Welch Jr. (Mic) and Corey Norwood (N.O.) picked up the pieces of the R&B group in 2010. After dedicating 10 years of their lives, the two of them agreed to strive even harder to accomplish the goals they originally set out to achieve. Since then, UI has put the past behind them and is now looking towards the future. This positive outlook help create new hits like, “Red Bottoms”, “Bye Haterz” and “Heartbeat”. The group is not currently signed to a record label, choosing instead to cultivate their own company, UI Entertainment, with a renewed ambition to make an impact on the music industry. Presently, UI is finishing their album “More than Music” to be released soon.

Check out more by UNIQUE IMAGE on their website www.uimusiconline.com.

Unique Image – Red Bottoms

Unique Image – Heartbeat

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