UNI-T, Friendzone

UNI-T at PineCo's Video Shoot

UNI-T is the collaboration of four friends expressing a social messages through the diversity of language and music. In their final high school year, they had to create a project and were inspired by the BET cyphers to reunite rappers and make a song. Their high school teacher inspired them to talk about something important. Their first song was called “Le Monde Doit Changer” which means the world’s got to change. The feedback was positive and their producer Jos DaGreatest suggested that they should form a group. He named the quartet UNI-T and that’s how it all began.

Releasing their first song was definitely one of UNI-T’s highlights because they didn’t expect such a positive feedback. People really felt inspired by it so it encouraged them to do more. Since then, they’ve been working on perfecting their craft. Another highlight was at 2014’s Canada Day where they performed on the way downtown their song called “BMTT” (Bouge-Moi Ta Tête). The people loved the energy and UNI-T feel like this is really what they wanted to do.

UNI-T’s upcoming project is an EP called Perception and for Valentine’s Day they released a song called “Friendzone.” Their goal is just to make good music for the people who are listening and to represent diversity and growth through their music.

Soundcloud: unitmg

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