Undeniable, Depictions Of Our Mindset


O7 & Sinnagi, Undeniable, are two artists from Corona Queens, NY. A long time brotherhood and love for Hip Hop brought them together in 2010 and “Black Market Artists” (EP) as well as a full length unreleased album were the byproducts of their union. In 2012/2013 the duo released their “5 Finger Discount” mixture series every 5 weeks as a free download which is still available on their website.

Since then, O7 & Sinnagi have released several singles and have been featured on numerous national and international projects. Undeniable is currently performing throughout the tri-state area and has been nominated by the Independent Music Awards for best Hip Hop/Rap song.

These two brothers are dedicated to providing quality music that gives vivid depictions of their reality and mindset. Every song showcases a different facet of the men/artists that they are and every song is filled with raw truth. The truth is undeniable.

Official website: www.undeniablemusic.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/Undeniable


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