Typo, Jimi Quasar

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American Rap artist Typo, Anthony Jermaine Lee, born July 15, 1994 in Belle Glade, FL is noted for his introspective and high energy music. He lived most of his life in Florida, born to a Jamaican mother and an absent father, his stepfather’s favorite genre of music was Hip Hop and he would always bring Typo along on car rides. This would expose him and impact him deeply to where at the age of 9 he started writing lyrics to his favorite songs.

While in high school, thanks to the guidance of his chorus teacher, he began to pursue music seriously after graduation. While juggling college, work, and music he decided to drop out of school and pursue his passion full time to finish his debut album “Jimi Quasar.” In order to gain early exposure he would attend various open mics in his area in an effort to network and get people familiar with his music.

Typo’s plans for the future simply include to work with many of his favorite artists and to make people feel like they know him through his music.

Instagram: @Typo_Quasar
Twitter: @HeisTypo

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