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Ty2infinity, 23, is a self-taught producer, recording artist, photographer, and visual director born and raised in the Logan/Nicetown section of Philadelphia, PA. He uses his rough surroundings to motivate and fuel his passion to make music. Ty2infinity has been producing and creating original songs for two years now. He has many musical influences such as Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Pharrell, Curren$y,and trap music. A true fan of music, Ty2infinity plans on branching off into different genres and not just staying in the hip-hop lane.

Ty2infinity recently dropped his first full-length project titled “Deux”(the French word for two) this past November. The 12-track project is hosted by the known DJ, DJ Nick from Marino Gang Records. The production is handled by Ty2infinity, DanOneSix, Slim K, A$AP Ty Beats and Vancity Beats. This project showcases his song creation skills, versatility, and growth as an artist. He delivers multiple vibes throughout the tape which gives you the chance to see that he is not one-dimensional. It is currently available to download for free on Live Mixtapes Indy.

He is currently in the studio now working on his follow-up tape, “Trois: Death Comes in III’s,” This tape is much darker than the “Deux” project. Two new singles, “The Trunk” (prod by Ty2infinity) & “Couple” (prod by Vancity Beats) are going to be released in 2015. Also, be on the lookout for the launch of his new indie brand/label Blown Recordings. The collective features Ty2infinity, DanOneSix, Rackz, and Karnage. Merchandise and music will be available for purchase when the site is launched.

Learn more about Ty2infinity on his Official Artist Website.

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