Twee-ze, Capturing The Essence Of The Golden Age


North Carolina native Twee-ze is on a mission to bring his lyricism to hip hop one bar at a time. A fan of music since childhood, he cites legends like James Brown, Earth, Wind & Fire, KRS-One, A Tribe Called Quest, and Heavy D as his earliest influences. In addition to his solo ventures, he’s a part of the North Carolina based hip hop collective Evidence of Genius (EOG) with whom he frequently collaborates.

With his charismatic style, lyrical flow, and groundbreaking subject matter, Twee-ze captures the essence of the golden age while bringing his unique flavor into the new era.

Twee-ze’s latest mixtape Who Cares has been a huge success on Soundcloud. Boasting 11 tracks, all have surpassed the 4k+ play mark. Highlight tracks from the project include the 14k+ played “OBE,” “Thank My Haters,” and “Stand Out.”

Twitter: @tweezedoitez
Facebook: @tweezakatweeze
Facebook: @evidenceofgenius
Soundcloud: @tweeze-aka-twee-ze


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