TSO (Totally Sold Out), Equipped Musically and Spiritually

TSO photo for article

Just back from performing at the 45th Dove Awards Official Pre-Celebration Event by Urban Soul Cafe, Rap/Hip-Hop recording artist TSO is now part of the Tyscot Records/Tyscot LOUD family. Founded in 1976 Tyscot Records/Tyscot Loud is the oldest Black owned Gospel recording label in the nation! “He is one of the hardest working brothers in the industry. His music is genius and put together well, from the beat to the hook, lyrics… just everything”, says James Logan, Director of A&R with Tyscot Records/Tyscot LOUD label.

From the southside of Chicago, T.S.O. is equipped with life experiences from a harsh world yet he earned a college degree. T.S.O. makes an admirable attempt to bring his story to the world of Gospel music and Hip-Hop. His subject matter is substantive, and unlike many other rappers, shedding light on his chaotic upbringing without endorsing his vices. Through his music, T.S.O. takes scripture, life experiences, and worship and wraps it in moral, yet hood-credible rhymes, with a sound as authentic as they come. It spills an unmistakable truth while challenging the listener’s thought process educating them while entertaining them. There is possibility present in his pain; he loves his art and uses Hip-Hop to satisfy the need.

T.S.O. is equipped musically and spiritually and ready to minister, inspire and yes, entertain youth, young adults, and their families! Book T.S.O. Today. We work with all entertainment budgets because ministry comes first. Make us a reasonable offer and we’ll work with you! You can book T.S.O. through his manager, Charline Oliver of Oliver Entertainment Inc., 601.622.1557, oliverincent@gmail.com.

T.S.O. welcomes interview opportunities through his pr marketing partner Cheryl Patterson and Universal Xperience 313.434.3589, universalxperience@gmail.com. Visit T.S.O. on his Official Website to learn more about his music.

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