Tru Nyce, From The Ground Up

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Armed with nothing but a pen, pad, and tape record, Dale Travers, Tru Nyce, began his journey in the home of a close friend, Keishawn Batts, where they spent their summers taking in the inspirations of proclaimed albums such as Jay Z’ Blueprint and mixtapes from Lil Wayne. Feeding off one another’s energy the duo would spend hours downloading instrumentals, thinking of concepts, writing verses, and writing hooks. At this young age, Tru Nyce was great with hooks; however, lyrical content seemed to be lacking. This pushed him into what we know today as “killer” on the mic.

What some people may not realize is that Tru Nyce’s first mixtape was actually on a tape completing his rendition of Blueprint on the front and back of a tape cassette in a tape recorder. This was a stepping stone for him as he would often review the tape and see where he could improve his craft. Mixtape after mixtape, freestyle after freestyle, Tru Nyce began to hone in on his craft. All his work and dedication has led him to perform in Grand Hustle’s Hustle and Flow Showcase in Atlanta, subbed headlined a show in Brooklyn alongside TTF The Gang, and in December of 2015 released his debut album From The Ground Up via ITunes, Google Play, Tidal, Spotify, etc.

With the release of From The Ground Up, he’s banking on 2016 to introduce to him a larger fan base that will support his efforts to the fullest. He wants his fans to feel and hear what’s he’s saying instead of just loving the beat.

Official website:
Soundcloud: losttreasurebox

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