Trill Cut Is Making His Money Dreams Come True

With a knack for music, Trill Cut’s building a repertoire for himself in the industry. Boasting a pioneering sound along with a dynamic stage presence, this artist’s music is turning eyes and ears. This is one artist that you’ll want to keep up with and follow his career. High impact moves are being made by Trill Cut, and it won’t be long before he’s a household name.

Born in Daytona Beach, FL and grew up in less than ideal households. As an outlet to the stress, he began playing sports and befriended Curtis Shine who also had a great interest in music. The two began recording demos on tape and participating in school talent shows. The two were dedicated to each other as brothers brought together by music. While in college he made a lot of different connections. After joining his fraternity he started to take more interest in defining himself as an artist and began to set musical goals to later achieve. After working a number of dead end jobs to support his family, he chose to pursue his dreams.

Trill Cut gained national recognition by winning the Akademia Music Award for ‘Best Hip Hop Funk Track’ for his song “On My Way.” Inspired by his childhood aspirations, he launched the #MoneyDreams movement which encompasses a book release, a sweepstakes dedicated to helping others, and a music tour beginning in the southeast United States. He’s currently working on crafting his upcoming album titled Money Dreaming.

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