Trey Tuck, Werkoholics


Trey Tuck is a hip hop artist out of New England’s Connecticut who has had the pleasure of creating music for about 4 years now. He’s always loved hip hop music since the days of Slick Rick, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, and many other artists that graced the ears of many during the golden era in the 90s. As the years proceeded, this became a passion and converted into a lifestyle. His circumstances have motivated him to keep pushing forward with the music. His music is inspirational, passionate, honest, and mostly important himself.

Trey prides himself on his past accomplishments and has created and hosted his own show in his hometown featuring many other local artists. He’s also is proud of his past mixtapes, Humble Beginnings and Student Of the Game, that have setup the platform to launch his career into the stratosphere. He recognizes that these tapes created the artist he is today. Trey is currently working on finishing up his Educated Ignorance mixtape that has been worked on for the past year. He also is looking forward to doing collaborations with many different artists and headlining shows.

The biggest highlight of his career is becoming a co-owner of Werkoholics Studio and co-owner of Werkoholics the brand itself with the intent to establish his brand called Werkoholics. He prides himself on the brand and feels that it will take off when the timing is right. “While you read this, remember that everyone has greatness instilled inside of them. Never stop chasing a dream because the public opinion does not appreciate your ideas. Be great,” Trey reflects about his work.

Official website:
Instagram: @werkoholic_treytuck
Twitter: @Trey_M_Tucker
Facebook: @Trey Tuck


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