Trevis T., Independent International

Trevis T. double

Trevis T. gives a unique perspective to traditional rap music. Elements of hip-hop, dance, reggae, and pop are heard in his melodies while his topics remain constant on enjoying life, being yourself, and fighting for your dreams.

With a degree in business, and being multilingual, Trevis takes all his experiences and aspirations and ingrains them in his music. Trevis has toured in the USA, Spain, Germany, Lithuania, and Ireland. Also known as the “Independent International” and Reggaeton Trevi,” Trevis  has had his music featured on MTV, HBO, USA Network,, Radio UK international Showcase Hour, and Top Music Japan.

As a dream fighter  Trevis T. is a natural Rude Boy. He does things his own way. He fights to make his dreams reality.  “Whatever you want, take it!”

Learn more about Trevis T. on his official artist website.

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