Tenacity Through Adversity: The Artist Tope

Born in Nigeria and raised in Southern California, Tope turned to music after family turmoil threatened to destroy everything he knew. Now he has released his new single 2 Seata which has been received to critical acclaim, and is positioned well to take over the radio waves. His message to all coming behind him is that it is possible to overcome your struggle, and that the struggle will make you a better person. If you are looking for something different coming from the rap scene, Tope is the artist to check out.

You can follow Tope on Twitter @itstopebaby, on Instagram @itstopebaby and on Facebook  at www.facebook.com/itstopebaby89. You can also check out more of his music on youtube.com/tope510, and soundcloud.com/itstopebaby.

Tope2 Seata

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